the creators' story

The creators of ALTER native are Bren and Brady Olson. They founded the company to share their passion for holistic health and wellness with others.   They work to ensure that ALTER native is a trusted and complete source of holistic health & wellness products and education.

Bren, a food scientist, uses her knowledge of nutrition and food production to develop, source, and market verifiable holistic food and body care products for ALTER native.

Brady is the operations and project manager. He works to ensure the ALTER native marketplace continues to sensibly grow and move forward, while maintaining their desire to fully support local makers and small batch providers of products and ingredients.

After watching family members battle with cancer and being personally diagnosed as high-risk herself, Bren became deeply interested in how food and the products we use directly affect health and wellness.  She quickly realized that “It is not only what we put in our bodies, but on our bodies that alter our body’s ability to establish and maintain health and wellness.”

In seeking out products that satisfied her desire to use only verifiable holistic products,  she discovered the ecodiva line of care products, which she and her husband Brady loved so much, they purchased the company in early 2019.  

Since that time, they have been readying themselves to expand ALTER native product offerings in the areas of holistic nutrition, skin care, pet-care, and cleaning related products under the ALTER native Marketplace umbrella.

Bren & Brady Olson

masterfully crafted products

As part of our commitment to living holistic lives and sharing this passion with others, we work diligently to develop and curate products that empower ourselves, as well as our equally passionate customers, in this pursuit.

Whole, Sustainable, and Healthful are just the beginning criteria.  We feel that ALTER native and our Maker partners must also carry a continuing commitment to do our very best to ensure high quality, consistent, and reliable products.

It’s not always easy, but we promise we will continue to passionately seek the knowledge, processes and sources that produce premium holistic health and wellness products.


If you are a dedicated Maker who wants to work with us in providing people with Masterfully Crafted Holistic Health and Wellness products, contact us today to become part of our ever growing movement.  Contact us at:

about the crows

Crows are clever, intelligent, and are well known for their bold approach.  In ancient history they were considered to be bearers of knowledge during times of change.

Throughout world cultures these inquisitive birds have been recognized as bringers of gifts and constant collectors of knowledge, wisdom, and information. 

And so it is with the folks here at ALTER native.  We’re scouring the world for knowledge and wisdom that empowers us and others in holistic living and wellness. 

These magical birds are surely our totems and they remind us every day to be conscious, inquisitive, and audacious gatherers of holistic knowledge and wisdom.



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