Fun Facts About Bug Me Not Bugspray

Here are some fun facts you may not know about bug me not bug spray!

The very first batch was made in 2007 for our son because the mosquitoes love him! It has gone through four recipe iterations since.

It was originally called bite me not until 2010, when the name was changed to bug me not.

Bug Me Not was included in the Country Music Awards Celebrity Swag Bags in 2011.

We bottle an exclusive recipe for Moonshine Hill under the name Hillbilly Critter Ritter. 

Bug Me Not has traveled to many countries including Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Africa, Cuba and even as far as Iceland!

People submit their bug me not pictures from all over the world for our Facebook “On The Road Again” picture album, and we love it! Maybe yours will be next!

Bug Me No was featured on Talk of the Town News Channel 5 on Earth Day 2012.

Bug Me Not is now being sold in nine different venues which include a variety of upscale boutiques, salons, pet shops and wineries.

And there you go….now you know some random facts about bug me not!

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