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Fun Facts About OUR Doggy Wash!

A local dog groomer’s persistent requests for a dog shampoo was the inspiration for our doggy wash flea & tick in 2013. It has gone through two recipe improvements since!

Our first batch ever was used in a photo shoot for Nashville Paw Magazine at Moonshine Hill.

We make our doggy wash with gentle castile soap (made from plant sources), apple cider vinegar (a mild insect repellant that soothes dry, irritated skin, calms hot spots, controls dandruff and adds a shine to your pet’s coat), vegetable glycerin (a natural emollient that softens and soothes your pet’s skin) and essential oils excellent for flea & tick control!

It has been confirmed that at least two people use our doggy wash on their own hair! I guess what’s good for the dog is good for their person too!

Used in conjunction with our eczema relief oil (now Harmony Skin Moisturizer), many dogs have found relief from a variety of skin problems. Dog rescue groups have been using this method much to veterinarians’ pleasant surprise!

Our doggy wash is being used from the West Coast to the East Coast and can be found in several upscale boutiques, shops and pet stores.

We have received many testimonies from all over about how our doggy wash has helped your sweet pets greatly, and we cherish each and every one of them! It smells amazing, and your dog will LOVE it!

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